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Product News - Spring 2024

Sit back among the trees

This spring, Skandiform presents a fusion of style and form with our embracing easy-chair, BEasy, and our tree-shaped coat stand, Alm. They may appear as two sides of a coin, but they’re two peas in a pod. Both are crafted with precision and attention to detail. They’re also designed for ultimate comfort and functionality. Despite BEasy and Alm being distinct products from three different designers, they share a common theme – a tribute to tranquillity. Serving as natural retreats within your space, they invite you to relax and rejuvenate amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Take a moment to breathe, unwind, and find solace among the trees. Hang your hat and sit back.

BEasy easy chair/wingback chair
by Stefan Borselius/ Ruud Ekstrand

Be what it wants you to be - BEasy is an easy-chair that combines two designer mindsets. Co-designed by Stefan Borselius and Ruud Ekstrand, BEasy stands as a testament to the power of collaboration across generations. Contemporary yet classic, a symbol of unity and diversity. BEasy gently whispers “be easy” in your ears – a literal call to unwind and take things a bit more casually, but it also says “busy” and “business”. With its sculptural form and smooth lines, BEasy welcomes you with open arms while shielding you from the outside world, evoking a feeling of intimacy and seclusion, as if nested in a protective cocoon. A sophisticated and well-crafted creation, seamlessly blending in and standing out in any room it graces, meeting all the criteria for what a modern easy-chair or lounge chair should embody. It’s an invitation that already knows your response. Relax or focus – it’s that easy.

Alm coat stand
by Nina Jobs

Rooted in nature’s graceAlm, designed by the internationally acclaimed designer Nina Jobs, is a steel coat stand named after a Swedish elm tree. A natural and ancient being known for its shadow play, structure, and stability – deeply rooted in the soil and a symbol of enduring beauty. What started as a mere seed of inspiration during another design project grew into a fully realised and innovative product. Nina Jobs envisioned a tree silhouette with branches and created Alm in her image. The branches act as hooks, inviting coats, hats, and other garments to find a temporary haven in the beautiful treetop. Use it to create colourful and expressive forests, small avenues of accents, or plant it as a solitaire where you need it the most. Have fun, experiment, and integrate it into any space. Alm is a true work of nature, that’s also beneficial to humans, much like a real tree. Made in Sweden and grown by you.

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+46 (0)44 855 50 info@skandiform.se