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News 2023

News 2023

Unmistakably Skandiform
Simplicity, beauty, playfulness, modularity, and sustainability are the cornerstones of the Skandiform 2023 spring collection. Our timelessly chic and infinitely practical newcomers and updated classics come together in a special collection of relaxed sophistication. It encourages creativity while offering both structure and flexibility to spaces where people meet. Brimming with elegant minimalism, this collection features modern lines, balanced colours, and fascinating materials which make it easy to put a long-lasting stamp on any room. A collection of products that are likable and a joy to use. A perfect blend that attracts all your senses. A sensation that cannot be mistaken for anything else – Skandiform

Alba chair/armchair/bar chair
by Claesson Koivisto Rune

The beauty lies in the simplicity Claesson Koivisto Rune, the acclaimed multidisciplinary agency from Sweden, has put its distinct mark on ALBA, a neat, upholstered chair, armchair, and bar stool characterised by simplicity, lightweight materials, and flexibility. A sense of elegant minimalism with organic and harmonious forms. It was designed to be affordable and easy to use in spaces where you need to maximise the number of chairs. The beauty lies in the simplicity, most noticeable when many people are using it, but also when they’re done using it. The lightweight design makes both cleaning and stacking easy. The unique armrests are made of wood fibre; a combination of pine fibre and PPC. ALBA is a beautiful friendship between aesthetics and functionality, a strong character that deals with different needs, rooms, and emotions.

Tinnef – coffee table
by Charlotte von der Lancken

From trash to table - Since Tinnef saw the light of day, it has evolved into something even more sustainable. When launched, the Multicoloured and White marbled tabletops, set a new standard using recycled plastic from cosmetic bottles and yoghurt packages. The metamorphosis is still undergoing with our latest addition, Black coal, a distinct black coloured tabletop, interspersed with small islands of bright dots. It’s made of recycled plastic from old medical equipment such as packages and food containers. Each Tinnef table with a plastic tabletop is one of a kind. The pattern is always unique. We’ve also added a large new coffee table to the range in two different heights. With Black coal, Charlotte von der Lancken has created a new life for plastic waste through colourful explosions, reminding us of the fragility of our planet.

Tinnef – café table
by Charlotte von der Lancken

A table for two and the future - Though Tinnef means rubbish in Yiddish, it’s the opposite of trash. It was designed by Charlotte von der Lancken at CVDLAB as a response to humanity's use of plastic containers. The unique tabletops Multicoloured, White marbled, and Black coal, are made of plastic waste such as cosmetic bottles, yoghurt packages, old medical packages, and food containers. It’s an explosion of colours, patterns, and hope for the future. The latest addition, a flexible café table for two, offers plenty of style and functionality with its modern design and specific patterns. Thanks to the unique pattern in the tabletop, the sleek metal frame, and the rectangular base, this new sibling adds a sense of sophistication and boldness to any space. Use it as a solitary or group multiple tables in a row to create a long table.

Canard chair
by Lars Hofsjö

The playful duckling - Canard is French for duck. It’s also the name of this neat and charismatic chair, our very own duckling, designed by Lars Hofsjö. The shape is in fact inspired by the remarkable agility and balance of a duck. Like a duck, Canard makes things effortless with its inexhaustible energy and playfulness. It moves quickly and gracefully in its natural habitat. The ash seating and back combined with the elegant metal frame seem to defy gravity, but Canard is both stable and comfortable. In addition, Canard is designed to be stacked and suspended. Canard is ideal for any setting where people meet and where you need to maximise your chairs, but also perfect for the moments when you’re not using it at all. Regardless of its personality, Canard is an inspiring being as well as an interesting focal point – by itself and in a flock.

Nestor High
by Lars Hofsjö

An exalted master of flexibility - Nestor is a versatile modular sofa that makes the most of your space. Its modular sections allow you to create endless combinations and easily rearrange Nestor in a variety of ways depending on different rooms, contexts, and needs. You can even place Nestor around corners and pillars. Use it as freestanding pouffes or a long sofa, or something in between. In addition, you can spice things up with different colours and fabrics on the seating and the back. It’s not only neat and compact, but also gracious and comfortable thanks to its nozag. Designer Lars Hofsjö has added even more flexibility to the mix with the new Nestor high. The new high backs provide privacy as well as comfort and can be used as straight back sections, double backs, or corner backs. Screen off people or embrace people. It’s up to you.



Autumn news 2022

Autumn news 2022

The 2022 Autumn Collection shows who we really are, representing our values, personality, and integrity, even when no one’s looking. This collection truly embodies the ideas and virtues of Scandinavian design, our craftsmanship, and sustainable manufacturing. It all comes down to showing strong character and giving unique characteristics to your spaces. Our new characters and updated classics allow you to be the main character of your story. Show it. Display it. Enjoy it with all your senses.

Central by bonpart
Central lives up to its name thanks to its unique characteristics. It’s always the centre of attention. Central isn’t only neat and tactful, but also stable and conspicuous, bridging the gap between a regular chair and a lounge chair. The simple and clean design allows it to stand out while blending in. Central’s beautiful upholstery, its attentive sewing details in the back, and the rectangular legs add structure and new dimensions to the shape. 

Roll by Louise Hederström
At a first glance, Roll looks like a traditional coat hanger, but there’s more to this character than meets the eye. There’s nothing ordinary about it. Roll is a coat hanger on wheels, shaped like a tree with its stem, crown, and roots. It’s inspired by the kingly giants of the forest, but also by a king on an entirely different stage. Louise Hederström, a designer based in Skåne, loves the king of rock ‘n’ roll, Elvis Presley. Roll doesn’t move like Elvis, but it can easily be moved from one space to another. 

Deli lounge by Thomas Pedersen
Deli, our award-winning chameleon, has always been on a borderline between an armchair and an easy-chair. It’s neither and both. Its expression is enhanced by a two-part design which enables unique colour combinations. Now, Thomas Pedersen’s renowned and characteristic design has evolved into yet another voluminous sibling, the swivelling version of Deli lounge. 

Tinnef by Charlotte von der Lancken
Since Tinnef saw the light of day, it has evolved into something even more sustainable. When launched, the Multicoloured and White marbled tabletops, set a new standard using recycled plastic from cosmetic bottles and yoghurt packages. The metamorphosis is still undergoing with our latest addition, Black coal, a distinct black coloured tabletop, interspersed with small islands of bright dots. It’s made of recycled plastic from old medical equipment such as packages, and food containers. 


News 2022

News 2022

The creative space. The efficient space. The harmonious space.

Our spring innovations see us forging ahead with our creation of spaces for movement and contemplation, creativity and rest. Sustainable, and timeless. Comfortable and functional. In all settings. Because new meeting places need new ideas, albeit in familiar form.

News 2022

Spino 90
by Stefan Borselius
At first it was softly winding. Then it became straight. Now it’s time for the sofa that doesn’t want to stand still to take the next step. With Spino 90° we have added completely new possibilities to the Spino sofa for meetings between people and for adapting to fit different spaces. Back to back. Eye to eye. 90 degrees or all the way round. Along a straight wall or standing alone. Everything is possible for this sofa without limits.

Primo lounge
by Stefan Borselius
With the same careful focus on detail as the other chairs and tables in the Primo family, this upholstered easy chair is a link between its predecessors with added comfort. Primo Lounge is equally attractive from all angles. Making a handsome statement, its high backrest will naturally draw the eye. And of course the aluminium frame is recycled.

Castors and attached table added to the Nestor
by Lars Hofsjö
With the addition of a swivelling table, Nestor is no longer just somewhere to sit – it’s also a place where you can work, have a coffee or take notes of a meeting. Quite simply, a stable friend you can rely on. It’s only been going a few years, but Nestor has already grown into a big family. Small and neat, the wheeled Nestor is keen to join its siblings with its spirited appearance and flexible functionality. Its lockable wheels means it can be moved forward, moved back, complement other items of furniture or stand alone. Having its very own light-hearted character is a bonus.

Allé corner
by Kauppi & Kauppi
Indoors becomes outdoors –  the playful Allé divider brings the natural world inside by enabling living plants to be displayed at different heights. Inspired by the avenues and willow-lined roads of southern Sweden, Allé can blend in or stand out in solitary splendour, create corners of greenery that frame the room, form long, repeated rows or create areas of green to catch the eye. It can act as a waymarker – or be an invitation to stop and take a coffee break beneath a green canopy. 


Best of NeoCon 2021

Best of NeoCon 2021

Tinnef table by Charlotte von der Lancken brought home three Best of NeoCon awards! Best of NeoCon is the official awards program honoring outstanding new products.

Tinnef is an award winner in the following categories:

  • Occasional Table Gold
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability.


Autumn news 2021

Autumn news 2021

Happy reunions and brand new friends – a colourful get-together this autumn. 

Both new acquaintances and cherished old friends are knocking on the door – our new autumn collection is now ready to be seen and wants to mingle. It will be an exciting gathering where togetherness is expressed in Scandinavian colours and soft, playful designs.

Innovation and tradition meet creativity in a cycle that never ends. And the meeting between sustainability, ergonomics and design allows you to both sit comfortably for ages and to mingle – just what’s needed for casual and convivial get-togethers.

Autumn news 2021!

D2 chair and armchair by Stefan Borselius
Nobody can fail to notice when two-part D2 is in the room. In recycled plastic and hemp, the airy design and natural feel of these chairs make them easy to spread out, stack up or hang over the edge of a table. They come made entirely of plastic, semi-upholstered or fully-upholstered in contrasting colours. With arm rests – or without. D2 is at ease in all situations, whether these involve loud conversations or meetings in silence.

Lola chair by Margot Barolo
Lola is the friend you can trust and the friend you can lean on. In a shape that is friendly to look at, this chair has a personality that is both inclusive and humorous. A complete character with its fine details, solid stitching and careful pleating. But also comfortable and easy-going. With different fabrics, colours and materials, Lola can be configured to be chameleon-like in a room – or take centre stage as a real head-turner.

Tinnef - New table tops by Charlotte von der Lancken

Once breakfast is over, the yoghurt pots are given a new lease of life and transformed into a unique, attention-seeking table top. The white table top has silvery foil details and a frame in classic ash or oak. Or you can have both the top and frame made out of wood.

Is it rubbish or is it material? Old or new? The answer is both – and together with its colourful cousins made from recycled plastic bottles, the Tinnef family becomes a natural talking point around the table.

Canard chair by Lars Hofsjö
Playful Canard lives up to its French name – just like a duck it looks as if it is challenging its sense of balance. But with an elegant metal frame and light ash seat, Canard is both stable and comfortable. Neat, stackable and suspendable, it looks good in any setting. In different colours or the same colour, Canard is a natural talking point. That’s when the chair itself isn’t doing all the talking.

Deep Forest ‒ 2 new patterns by Nina Jobs
The summer forest is now being joined by completely new tree tops on which to rest your gaze. A sparser winter forest? Or a slightly fuller spring forest? Or a mixture of both – as is usually the way. In the harmony of nature, voices are softened and with all the colours of the forest available, the background will be just as it should be – attractive without being obtrusive.



News 2021

News 2021

Siblings. Friends. Community. It’s spring time for these families.

Rolling wheels, soft shapes and playful, eye-catching style. In the new spring collection, it’s the small siblings and their friends who grab all the attention. Through family acquaintances in innovative new designs, we are continuing to create space for movement and reflection, creativity and pause. With the same focus on sustainable materials and ergonomic solutions, we are expanding our popular families with new additions. So that meetings can take place. Experiences can be shared. And being together is never further than a few steps away.

New products 2021!
Deli lounge/armchair - by Thomas Pedersen
Award-winning Deli is expanding – in depth, width, with new upholstery and in a new lounge style. It’s an armchair with laid-back self-confidence. The two-part design makes unique colour choices possible, the fully-upholstered back creates a feeling of whole and the soft shapes invite you to pause for a moment. Or a little longer.

Bolero ottoman - by Nina Jobs
An ottoman, a footstool, a small sibling who demands attention. Among the new additions to the Bolero sofa series, it’s the little piece with a totally unique look that stands out in a room. A little lighter, a little neater than its older siblings. A piece that can blend in with the others in the same colours and with the same frame. Or one that can stand out with playful contrasts.

Soft Top chair and bar stool on wheels - by Brad Ascalon
Stand, sit, roll forward and roll away. When Soft Top gets a set of wheels, creative meetings can gather pace. With its simple, unique design, Soft Top fits into most settings. With its flexible construction, it has a place anywhere that activity and movement are mixed with concentration and calm. In your home office in front of the screen. With colleagues at work. In the workshop where new ideas are waiting to emerge.

Isa ottoman- by Louise Hederström
Lowlands, hills and mountains. Isa bench follows the shifting shapes of nature in a room. Now it comes in a smaller format with this ottoman making an entrance with its neater style. Easy to move around. Easy to place. And with the same inviting attitude to spontaneous meetings and relaxed conversations as its larger partner with the same name.

Matsumoto laptop table
Say hello to the Matsumoto laptop table – the flexible waiter who always has a helpful surface close to hand. A new personality that is as easy to deal with as the rest of the family.



German Design Award 2021

German Design Award 2021

We are pleased and proud to announce that two of this year's new product Soft Top bench (design Brad Ascalon) and Twig chair (design by Johannes Lindner) have won the prestigious German Design Award 2021.

Soft Top bench- Winner in the category Excellent Product Design - Furniture

STATEMENT OF THE JURY: "The furniture appears very sturdy thanks to its subframe made of steel pipe, yet still pleasantly light – an impression that is further underlined by the plain upholstered seats and discreet colours."

Twig - Winner in the category Excellent Product Design - Furniture

STATEMENT OF THE JURY: "The back rest closes with a horizontal rod whose ends project markedly. An original design idea, which has a practical use, e.g. as bracket or handle and endows the minimalist chair with a feature that renders it unmistakeable."




Autumn news 2020

Autumn news 2020

Sustainable recycling, shifting landscapes and urban zones.

The new autumn additions to our collection link the cycles of nature with human encounters and reliable quality with fresh inspiration. 

New products Autumn 2020

Allé - Plant divider
by Kauppi & Kauppi
Indoors becomes outdoors when the playful Allé plant divider brings greenery into your environment, providing the means for living plants to be displayed at different heights. 

Tinnef - small table in two heights
by Charlotte von der Lancken
History makes its mark when recycling becomes design and plastic waste is given a new lease of life in the form of Tinnef table. The table top is made from 100% recycled plastic in two different heights. 

Matsumoto mini - a colourful side table 
by Claesson Koivisto Rune
Meet the Matsumoto mini table – the colourful bit of candy that is bound to lift your mood. A new personality that is as easy to deal with as the rest of the family.  

Fendo - new wooden frame
by Stefan Borselius
There’s space for everything in the multifunctional Fendo armchair, which can now be even more varied with the addition of a solid wood frame to the existing choice of frames. 

Jeffersson - 2 seater sofa
by Stefan Borselius
The introduction of a two-seat sofa to the Jeffersson series is a welcome new addition to a much-loved family of furniture. 


Enjoy summertime!

Enjoy summertime!

Skandiform wishes you a great summer!
During summer we are open with slightly reduced staffing.


Skandiform and Margot Barolo in open collaboration

Skandiform and Margot Barolo in open collaboration

From one experimental project to another. Now, Skandiform and designer Margot Barolo are turning the traditional way of working together upside down. And the development process will be open and free for anyone to follow.

Read more about Barolo Project here!




Dear Partners, Customers & Friends.

Right now the entire world is trying to cope with the unprecedented health challenge caused by the Corona virus (COVID-19) outbreak. The health of our employees, partners and customers is our highest priority, therefor we would like to update you on how we are handling it here at Skandiform.

Our business is continuing to operate as usual and our factories and suppliers are producing according to plan. We follow and implement the health guidelines from World Health Organization (WHO) regarding employees and visitors at all our facilities and showrooms. Despite our travels being limited right now, we will find ways to communicate and address issues.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are here for you.

You will find more information regarding your nearest showroom or office here.

On behalf of our entire team, 
Bengt Persson CEO, Skandiform AB


Creative new products with a cosy feel

Creative new products with a cosy feel

Flexible meeting spaces breed creativity. Cosiness makes me-time more beneficial. With new combinations and innovative solutions, we continue to create meeting spaces that can be adapted to your immediate needs. Thoughtful solutions where function and character go hand in hand. And where tranquil harmony inspires.

New Products 2020

Bolero - New sofa collection
by Nina Jobs
Comfort and fashion meet when the new Bolero sofa series occupies the room. Timeless yet a step ahead. With its soft shape and different layers, Bolero combines a unique expression with a feeling of coming home. No matter where you put it.

Twig - New wooden chair
by Johannes Lindner
With a softly curved seat and a backrest topped with the dowel that gave the chair its name, the Twig chair fits into any environment that requires flexible solutions. Natural design and practical function – Twig is a minimalistic chair that both blends in and stands out. And when function and innovation meet, your bag gets its own place to hang out.

SpinoNew straight pieces
by Stefan Borselius
A new straight piece now makes it even easier to endlessly rearrange and expand this winding spine of seating sections. With or without backrests. Monochrome or colourful. And now also straight or curvy. With the Spino modular sofa, the sky’s the limit – that is, until you run out of space!

Soft Top - New companions
by Brad Ascalon
The Soft Top family started with four chairs but now has some new companions. With two new bar stools and three new benches – where a tabletop joins together one of the benches – Soft Top makes taking a break a little easier. And a little more comfortable.


+46 (0)44 855 50 info@skandiform.se

+46 (0)44 855 50 info@skandiform.se