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Autumn news 2020

Autumn news 2020

Sustainable recycling, shifting landscapes and urban zones.

The new autumn additions to our collection link the cycles of nature with human encounters and reliable quality with fresh inspiration. 

New products Autumn 2020

Allé - Plant divider
by Kauppi & Kauppi
Indoors becomes outdoors when the playful Allé plant divider brings greenery into your environment, providing the means for living plants to be displayed at different heights. 

Tinnef - small table in two heights
by Charlotte von der Lancken
History makes its mark when recycling becomes design and plastic waste is given a new lease of life in the form of Tinnef table. The table top is made from 100% recycled plastic in two different heights. 

Matsumoto mini - a colourful side table 
by Claesson Koivisto Rune
Meet the Matsumoto mini table – the colourful bit of candy that is bound to lift your mood. A new personality that is as easy to deal with as the rest of the family.  

Fendo - new wooden frame
by Stefan Borselius
There’s space for everything in the multifunctional Fendo armchair, which can now be even more varied with the addition of a solid wood frame to the existing choice of frames. 

Jeffersson - 2 seater sofa
by Stefan Borselius
The introduction of a two-seat sofa to the Jeffersson series is a welcome new addition to a much-loved family of furniture. 


Enjoy summertime!

Enjoy summertime!

Skandiform wishes you a great summer!
During summer we are open with slightly reduced staffing.


Skandiform and Margot Barolo in open collaboration

Skandiform and Margot Barolo in open collaboration

From one experimental project to another. Now, Skandiform and designer Margot Barolo are turning the traditional way of working together upside down. And the development process will be open and free for anyone to follow.

Read more about Barolo Project here!




Dear Partners, Customers & Friends.

Right now the entire world is trying to cope with the unprecedented health challenge caused by the Corona virus (COVID-19) outbreak. The health of our employees, partners and customers is our highest priority, therefor we would like to update you on how we are handling it here at Skandiform.

Our business is continuing to operate as usual and our factories and suppliers are producing according to plan. We follow and implement the health guidelines from World Health Organization (WHO) regarding employees and visitors at all our facilities and showrooms. Despite our travels being limited right now, we will find ways to communicate and address issues.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are here for you.

You will find more information regarding your nearest showroom or office here.

On behalf of our entire team, 
Bengt Persson CEO, Skandiform AB


Creative new products with a cosy feel

Creative new products with a cosy feel

Flexible meeting spaces breed creativity. Cosiness makes me-time more beneficial. With new combinations and innovative solutions, we continue to create meeting spaces that can be adapted to your immediate needs. Thoughtful solutions where function and character go hand in hand. And where tranquil harmony inspires.

New Products 2020

Bolero - New sofa collection
by Nina Jobs
Comfort and fashion meet when the new Bolero sofa series occupies the room. Timeless yet a step ahead. With its soft shape and different layers, Bolero combines a unique expression with a feeling of coming home. No matter where you put it.

Twig - New wooden chair
by Johannes Lindner
With a softly curved seat and a backrest topped with the dowel that gave the chair its name, the Twig chair fits into any environment that requires flexible solutions. Natural design and practical function – Twig is a minimalistic chair that both blends in and stands out. And when function and innovation meet, your bag gets its own place to hang out.

SpinoNew straight pieces
by Stefan Borselius
A new straight piece now makes it even easier to endlessly rearrange and expand this winding spine of seating sections. With or without backrests. Monochrome or colourful. And now also straight or curvy. With the Spino modular sofa, the sky’s the limit – that is, until you run out of space!

Soft Top - New companions
by Brad Ascalon
The Soft Top family started with four chairs but now has some new companions. With two new bar stools and three new benches – where a tabletop joins together one of the benches – Soft Top makes taking a break a little easier. And a little more comfortable.


New products 2019

New products 2019

The difference between a regular meeting room and a creative venue is often found in a feeling that can be hard to define. This years’ news from Skandiform is our contribution to that special feeling, and it comes in the shape of upholstered chairs, beautiful materials, great comfort, contrasts and smart solutions.

Nestor modularsofa - New parts      
Design: Lars Hofsjö 

Nestor modular sofa offers endless possibilities from a freestanding pouffe to various seating options in different colour combinations, lengths and widths. Nestor has a neat style, is compact and offers high level of comfort. 

Aplomb conference table       
Design: Everything Elevated
The new Aplomb conference table fits into any style or room, and can be customized with three different tops, a hidden compartment for electrical cords, an integrated power socket and cut outs. The fact that a table with so many features rest on such light feet, is worth a conference on its own!

Fendo chair      
Design: Stefan Borselius
With Fendo, Stefan Borselius have managed to actually compress comfort! The seat that bends upwards and the rounded backrest, gives Fendo the comfort of a real armchair. The actual size and the space between seat and backrest give a dainty look of a small chair.

Primo table      
Design: Stefan Borselius
The faces of Primo reflect the different chamfers of the frame, which merges into a round pillar and light foot. With 18 different sizes, shapes, material, heights and colours to choose from, the versatility of Primo is nothing but prime!

Deli barstool       
Design: Thomas Pedersen
Deli barstool has a soft and organic shape, but the new steel frame adds a whole new attitude to the look. The combination of soft material and steel gives Deli a sense of modern, yet inviting, design.

Timeout chair with wooden legs  
Design: Thomas Pedersen
With its ultimate combination of great comfort and sleek design, Timeout became an instant favourite when it was launched last year. Without asking for attention, Timeout is the answer to many different needs and styles, and the new wooden legs makes those answers even more varying.

Timeout chair on wheels      
Design: Thomas Pedersen
Timeout is the ultimate conference- and meeting chair since it combines a slim size and clean look with real comfort. But why settle at that? We wanted to add flexibility to the list of qualifications too, so now Timeout is available on wheels!


Fendo armchair winner of the HiP Award for best Workplace Seating

Fendo armchair winner of the HiP Award for best Workplace Seating

Skandiform is proud to annonce that our Fendo armchair received the Interior Design HiP Award 2019 in the category best Workplace Seating at NeoCon, Chicago this week. Design by Stefan Borselius. As the global industry-leading design publication, website and events company serving the interior design, the annual Interior Design's HiP Awards honors industry people and innovative products.

"The aim was to create a cosy, comfortable chair that provides maximum comfort without taking up a lot of space. The gap and division between the seat and back are the elements that give this chair its distinctive character. And that’s also the reason for the name of Fendo – a word that means slit or gap in Esperanto. The idea behind the design of this chair is for it to work just as well around a dining table as it does in a conference room, lounge, waiting room or lobby – either on its own or in a group.” - Stefan Borselius


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Christmas is all about the children! Therefore, our Christmas gift this year is a donation to Save the Children Sweden. Together we can make a difference - so children all over the world get the future they deserve and have the right to.

Skandiform is closed over the Christmas and New Year holiday period 24 December 2018 - 1 January 2019.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



German Design Award 2019

German Design Award 2019

We are happy to announce that our new Soft Top chair (designed by Brad Ascalon) wins the German Design Award 2019.

The German Design Award is the top international prize of the German Design Council. Its goal: to discover, present and honour unique design trends. Therefore, every year, top-quality entries from product and communication design are rewarded, all of which are in their own way ground-breaking in the international design landscape.

See more of Soft Top >>


Orgatec 23-27 Oct

Orgatec 23-27 Oct

During Orgatec in Cologne, 23-27 October, we are exhibiting in Hall 9 / B10 together with Kinnarps, Materia, NC Nordic Care, Drabert and Martinstoll.

"Open for Change" - We are open for change, the change that awaits us. But we are not only open, we are also well prepared. Immerse yourself in a lively, open office landscape. In our stand, we will present an office of the future with our Scandinavian know-how.



Summer holiday

Summer holiday

Skandiform is closed for holiday during 16-27 July.

In the meantime you can stay updated by following us on Instagram and Facebook. 

We wish you a nice and relaxing summer!


Swedish Midsummer Design Weekend

Swedish Midsummer Design Weekend

On 28-30 June the focus is firmly on Swedish-designed furniture as part of the second annual export initiative that goes under the name of Swedish Midsummer Design Weekend.

Influential European architects are invited to visit Stockholm to enjoy the opportunity of sampling a unique cross-section of Swedish design and experiencing the Swedish lifestyle at first hand.

The weekend showcases the products of Skandiform and 15 other furniture design companies.



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+46 (0)44 855 50 info@skandiform.se