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A global collective

We collaborate with a team of carefully selected designers. They all have unique stories and styles, but it always comes down to interpreting Scandinavian sense through the Skandiform brand. We’re proud to be working with some of the brightest minds in the industry. Our collaborations have brought us numerous prestigious design awards.

Brad Ascalon

Brad Ascalon

Brad Ascalon’s award-winning Manhattan studio was founded in 2006, just one year after he earned a Masters’ degree for Industrial Design at Pratt Institute in New York. That same year Ascalon was recognized by Wallpaper magazine as one of the "Ten Most Wanted” emerging designers in the world.

The multidisciplinary designer specializes in furniture for public environments, but also work with lighting, packaging and other contract and consumer products.

Ascalon has a rational and reductive approach to his craft, coupled with a strong understanding of design and business strategies. His natural sense for design is in his blood; his father as well as his grandfather was noted artists, sculptors and industrial designers.

“I love working with companies whose design ethos is similar to my own, and I’ve long admired Skandiform for that very reason. Working with them feels natural since we are both looking at a project from the same set of eyes and with the same goals. Their ability to do simple so well, and with a strong market knowledge guiding its decisions, makes Skandiform stand out among so many great Swedish brands.”

  • Soft Top S-1068Soft Top S-1068
  • Soft Top KS-188Soft Top KS-188
  • Soft Top S-089Soft Top S-089
  • Soft Top S-1088Soft Top S-1088
  • Soft Top S-1069Soft Top S-1069
  • Soft Top SA-327Soft Top SA-327
  • Soft Top SA-328Soft Top SA-328
  • Soft Top SA-329Soft Top SA-329

Margot Barolo

Margot Barolo

Margot Barolo is a designer who studied at Beckmans College of Design and the University of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm, Sweden. She now runs the design agency Brave Production.

Over the years, she has worked in product design as well as engaging in her own production and has received several awards. Most recently, Barolo has delved into deeper issues, challenging the image of production, the role of the designer and the value we place on people and the creation of products.

Barolo lectures and teaches at several design colleges and is responsible for the product design programme at Beckmans College of Design.

  • Lola S-001Lola S-001



bonpart is a Vienna based furniture and product design studio by Verena Waidmann and Lukas Gstöttner.

In their work, bonpart aim for timeless beauty and intelligent solutions, resulting in projects with a certain calmness of clear-lined shapes, yet always with a playful twist. Their sculptural approach goes well with a focus on technical refinements and attentive details.

The work of bonpart comes from a unique, personal gaze and perception of surroundings.  They pay attention to the sustainability of their projects, not only in terms of adequate material properties and quality processing, but also when it comes to aesthetic perception.

  • Central F-259Central F-259
  • Central F-257Central F-257

Stefan Borselius

Stefan Borselius

Stefan Borselius was born in Malmö in 1974 and lives in Skåne, Sweden’s southernmost province. He studied cabinet-making at the Steneby School, where he completed his “masterpiece” – the traditional journeyman’s test. 

He then went on to take a Bachelor’s degree in furniture design at the Carl Malmsten School, followed by further studies in interior architecture at the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. For Stefan, this was a natural career path to choose; both his grandfather and his great-grandfather were cabinet-makers and have been a huge source of inspiration for his work. After graduating, Stefan opened his own design studio in Stockholm.

Stefan’s ambition is to create designs that provide new solutions to old problems and to develop new products that are adapted to the times we live in and the lives we lead. He sketches his ideas by hand and with the aid of CAD programs and builds his own prototypes in the traditional, time-honoured way. The end result is products that have evolved gradually through a process of careful thought and meticulous precision. Stefan’s interest in new materials and new techniques, together with his knowledge of both traditional craftsmanship and modern industrial processes, is a constant source of unique and innovative products. Over the years Stefan has received a large number of prestigious awards for his work. Some of his designs are represented in the collections of the Swedish National Museum in Stockholm.

“The people in the Skandiform team are knowledgeable and know what they want. That means that ideas can be realised and optimised to ensure products of a long and successful life. Spino is my first collaboration with Skandiform – but I’m sure it won’t be the last.” /Stefan Borselius

  • D2 S-1020D2 S-1020
  • D2 S-1045D2 S-1045
  • D2 KS-1170D2 KS-1170
  • Primo KS-182Primo KS-182
  • Primo high S-083Primo high S-083
  • Primo KS-132Primo KS-132
  • Primo high S-033Primo high S-033
  • SpinoSpino
  • Primo HB-1547Primo HB-1547
  • Primo HB-1771Primo HB-1771
  • Primo LB-1646Primo LB-1646
  • Fendo KS-250Fendo KS-250
  • Fendo KS-251Fendo KS-251
  • Fendo KS-252Fendo KS-252

Borselius & Ekstrand

Borselius & Ekstrand

The acclaimed Skandiform designers, Stefan Borselius and Ruud Ekstrand, had never worked together before BEasy was conceived. They joined forces and discovered the power within their differences and similarities. BEasy is a chair that tells a story of creativity and collaboration across generations.


  • BEasy F-240BEasy F-240
  • BEasy F-242BEasy F-242

Claesson Koivisto Rune

Claesson Koivisto Rune

The design trio Mårten Claesson, Eero Koivisto and Ola Rune nowadays have a profession both as architects and industrial designers. 

The list of accomplished projects includes buildings, interior design, furniture and industrial design in Scandinavia, Europe, Japan, USA and South America. Nowadays the design of Claesson Koivisto Rune is recognized and acknowledged all over the world. They have received about fourty Swedish and international awards for their works.

A few of the assigners are Galleri Örsta i Kumla, Sfera Building i Kyoto, Arkitekthus and Nobis Hotel i Stockholm.

"Skandiform was one of the first companies we designed for. It is a cooperation which has developed to mutual friendship." /Claesson Koivisto Rune


  • Alba S-1023Alba S-1023
  • Alba KS-1127Alba KS-1127
  • Aeon KS-180Aeon KS-180
  • Afternoon KS-155Afternoon KS-155
  • Afternoon KS-154Afternoon KS-154
  • Afternoon F-255Afternoon F-255
  • Afternoon SA-296Afternoon SA-296
  • Afternoon LB-695Afternoon LB-695
  • Matsumoto HB-535Matsumoto HB-535
  • Modulor HB-528Modulor HB-528
  • Nagano T-400Nagano T-400

Joe Doucet

Joe Doucet

After graduating from the prestigious Art Center College of Design in 1999 with a degree in Communication Design, Doucet quickly began exporting his vision beyond graphic design into products, furniture, environment, packaging, technology etc.

As a designer, inventor and creative director, his work deftly hybridizes function and visual appeal while conveying layers of meaning and message. His portfolio encompasses furniture, consumer electronics, corporate identity, jewelry, fashion, technology, children's toys, environments and architecture, delivering innovation across a variety of industries and clients such as Bernhardt, BMW, Braun, Hugo Boss, Lexon, Moët & Chandon and Target. Doucet's work has been exhibited numerous places internationally, including the London Design Museum and the Biennale International Design in Saint-Etienne.

  • My F-318My F-318
  • My SA-320My SA-320

Ruud Ekstrand

Ruud Ekstrand

Ruud Ekstrand is one of Sweden’s most well-established furniture designers.   

During his long career, Ruud has participated at several exhibitions like International Design Center in New York, Swedish Embassy in Tokyo and Form/Design Center in Malmoe, Sweden.

Ruud has also received the awards Forsnäspriset, the "Golden Chair" award and the "Excellent Swedish Design" award which he has been awarded 14 times. Eight of these products were designed in cooperation with Skandiform.

"I have worked with Skandiform since 1990. It is an exciting, interesting and inspiring cooperation, consisting of both design and development of a fundamental idea. A basic product enabling combination and variation." /Ruud Ekstrand

  • deciBel S-005deciBel S-005
  • deciBel S-025deciBel S-025
  • deciBel KS-105deciBel KS-105
  • Flex up S-029Flex up S-029
  • Flex KS-128Flex KS-128
  • Flex F-228Flex F-228
  • Flex CL KS-198Flex CL KS-198
  • Flex high F-269Flex high F-269
  • Woody S-077Woody S-077
  • NonstopNonstop
  • Colt HB-960Colt HB-960
  • Colt HB-1964+1963Colt HB-1964+1963
  • Disc T HB-7812Disc T HB-7812
  • Flex LB-608Flex LB-608

Everything Elevated

Everything Elevated

The Norwegian designer duo Everything Elevated claims that design always is a question of communication; a way to maximise the potential of both the product and the company behind it. That approach makes them a very exciting team to cooperate with!

Everything Elevated started our mutual project by exploring our company, to find the true essence of Skandiform. What makes us unique? What do we stand for? What is the history and the cornerstones of our company, and last but certainly not least; what is our vision? Only after they had created their own view of Skandiform, they proceeded to the brief for the demanded product, in this case a flexible conference table.

Therefore, when Everything Elevated designed Aplomb they really started with the core values of Skandiform. Perhaps that’s how they came up with a table that instantly felt right at home in our collection, despite the fact that it was the first time we worked together!

We’re convinced that they would agree when we describe the two of them as communicators as much as designers!

  • Aplomb  HB-1520Aplomb HB-1520
  • Aplomb  HB-1521Aplomb HB-1521
  • Aplomb  HB-1523Aplomb HB-1523
  • Aplomb  HB-1590Aplomb HB-1590

Charlotte Elsner

Charlotte Elsner

Charlotte Elsner, architect SAR/MSA from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and designer in the Objecthood designgroup. 

Since her graduation in 1997 Charlotte has been working mostly in big architecture firms. In 2009 she started a smaller business of her own. The assignments vary from villa-extensions to the rebuilding of offices and show-rooms. As a designer Charlotte has earlier worked with Design House and Mio but she is now part of the Objecthood designgroup together with Britta Telemann, Cecilia Dreyfert and Sofia Ohlsson. Objecthood is working on several interesting design-collaborations that will be launched onwards.

"As a designer I am looking for functional perfection and a particular means of expression, but not at the expense of simplicity. In that ambition I feel comfortable with the design-tradition of Skandiform. It is exciting to have your design-ambitions taken seriously, from product development to marketing, by a dedicated group from this company. An idea is not enough - it also has to be well managed." /Charlotte Elsner


  • Pond LB-612Pond LB-612

Louise Hederström

Louise Hederström

A graduate of Beckmans College of Design, her work spans a wide area, covering everything from interior details to furniture and rugs. Louise’s creations often contain elements of her characteristic playfulness as well as nature, from which she draws inspiration.

Louise grew up on a farm and believes that this is where her close relationship to both Swedish traditions and various forms of nature began. The Isa stool she has designed for Skandiform is another excellent example of how she is drawing on her heritage.

“I see patterns and figures everywhere and am keen to implement them in my work. I might want a candlestick to be a volcano, a book end to also be an owl and a stool a rolling landscape – in other words the perfect place to sit down and rest for a while!”

  • Isa SA-315Isa SA-315
  • Isa SA-316Isa SA-316
  • Isa SA-325Isa SA-325
  • Isa SA-1315Isa SA-1315
  • Isa SA-1325Isa SA-1325

Lars Hofsjö

Lars Hofsjö

Lars Hofsjö is known for his innovative yet timeless furniture, that goes just as well in private homes as in public spaces. Very often his design has thought-through details that either simplifies the production or add an extra unexpected function to the piece. Lars background in both industrial- and furniture design and his education at Konstfack and Nyckelviksskolan, is probably the key to why his furniture often has an extra dimension and many possibilities.

“The core values of Skandiform rhymes very well with my own view on design and function in perfect harmony, with good quality as sturdy base. Another important thing to me is that furniture should look good from all sides, there’s no cheating on the back of anything I’ve designed. The module sofa Nestor is my first work for Skandiform and I look forward to keep developing our collaboration.”

  • Canard S-061Canard S-061
  • NestorNestor

Nina Jobs

Nina Jobs

Nina Jobs founded her design company in France after completing a Master’s degree at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.

When she moved back home to Sweden some years later, she had already gained the courage and experience she needed to contact the biggest design companies and that’s just the way it has been... It wasn’t long before she had established long-term collaborations with companies such as IKEA, Uniqlo, Moma New York, Askul Japan, Design House Stockholm – and now Skandiform!

In addition to her design commissions which have ranged from creating small interior details to wallpaper, fashion and furniture, Nina has also worked as a curator for international exhibitions on Swedish design and architecture.

“Skandiform is about clean-lined, high-quality Scandinavian design and my assignment was to develop a sound absorber that complemented the collection. I devised functional panels with efficient materials and not too many details. No complications, quite simply – just easy to place panels with a deliberate emphasis on environmental considerations.”

  • Bolero SA-1387Bolero SA-1387
  • Bolero F-389Bolero F-389
  • Bolero SA-392Bolero SA-392
  • Bolero SA-394Bolero SA-394
  • Deep Forest T-440SDeep Forest T-440S
  • Deep Forest T-441SDeep Forest T-441S
  • Deep Forest T-442SDeep Forest T-442S
  • Alm T-420Alm T-420

Kauppi & Kauppi

Kauppi & Kauppi

Kauppi & Kauppi is a designer duo with roots in the very north and south of Sweden. Johan & Nina have both earned their MFA degree at the Academy of Design & Crafts at The University of Gothenburg. In 2016 they established the shared studio in Sweden, after living several years in New York and Frankfurt am Main.

“Bring the outdoors in! We wanted to add greenery to Skandiform’s long tradition of creating furniture for functional and harmonious interiors. This furniture family creates happier and more harmonious environments with living plants – in the form of green points of interest, zones or long, indoor avenues.”


  • Allé 2 T-4221Allé 2 T-4221
  • Allé 3 T-4232Allé 3 T-4232

Hanne Kortegaard

Hanne Kortegaard

The designer Hanne Kortegaard has recently graduated from the Danish Design School in Copenhagen. She is also passionate about interior design and interior decoration.

Hanne has previously worked as a visual merchandiser at Illum's department store in Copenhagen and has a keen eye for those all important details. In her capacity as manager for the Visual Merchandising unit at Bestseller, she has led workshops and training courses throughout Europe. Hanne has also worked on designs and plans for a number of exhibitions and trade fairs.

In 2009 Hanne took part in the Stockholm Furniture Fair's "Greenhouse" exhibition, where Skandiform was among the first to spot her obvious talents. Today she has her innovative streak and fresh, new ideas to thank for the many projects she is now working on. Conica, for Skandiform, is Hanne's first serial production.

"As a result of my association with Skandiform and their professional approach to production, it has been possible for me to design furniture in which construction, aesthetics and comfort play a prominent part. Skandiform is a company in which designers have the opportunity of further developing their skills and experimenting with new and different expressions. A company with its finger on the pulse, and whose ideas become reality." /Hanne Kortegaard

  • Conica F-205Conica F-205
  • Conica LB-605Conica LB-605

Charlotte von der Lancken

Charlotte von der Lancken

CVDLAB was established 2015 by Charlotte von der Lancken, previously known as the co-founder of Front Design. Charlotte von der Lancken works within various fields of design, from product design to art. CVDLAB is both a design studio and a platform for border crossing collaborations and investigative projects.

“In the move towards using fossil-free plastics, we must take care of things that already exist. I have created a new life for plastic waste in the form of a colourful table that still bears the marks of its history as a plastic bottle.”


  • Tinnef LB-644Tinnef LB-644
  • Tinnef Café HB-1561Tinnef Café HB-1561

Alexander Lervik

Alexander Lervik

Alexander Lervik is a qualified cabinet maker and has also been studying design at Beckmans School of Design.

As a furniture and product designer, Alexander works with clients all over the world. He has several products represented at National Museum in Stockholm, Röhsska museet in Gothenburg, Nasjonalmuseum and Design Museum in Oslo.

As an interior designer, he has designed the interior concept of all Rizzo shoestores, the nightclubs Sturecompagniet, Whiteroom and Push. Alexander has received several Swedish and international awards and scholarships for his furniture design.

"Skandiform was the first furniture company I designed for and therefore it has always had a special place in my heart. Skandiform is to me the clearest example of Scandinavian design." /Alexander Lervik

  • Jeffersson KS-170Jeffersson KS-170
  • Jeffersson KS-176Jeffersson KS-176
  • Jeffersson F-273Jeffersson F-273
  • Jeffersson SA-274Jeffersson SA-274
  • Lounge F-271Lounge F-271

Johannes Lindner

Johannes Lindner

Johannes Lindner founded his own studio in 2014. He is trained as an architect and graduated in from the RWTH Aachen University in 2018. 

Johannes Lindner focuses on products that are characterized by clean lines, functionality and aesthetic quality, sometimes with a graphic aspect. His work is influenced by the simplicity and functionality of the Scandinavian design tradition.

  • Twig S-023Twig S-023
  • Twig S-024Twig S-024

Jonas Lindvall

Jonas Lindvall

Jonas Lindvall is one of the most prominent and successful figures in furniture design and interior architecture in Sweden. 

With a distinct and subtle expression his works have been told to advocate timeless-ness, simplicity and elegance in an aesthetical combination with poetical qualities. As a furniture designer he has primarily worked for the Swedish companies Ballingslöv, Skandiform and de Nord as well as for the Japanese company Idée.

Several pieces of furniture designed by Lindvall have been awarded the honour "Excellent Swedish Design" and are represented at The Victoria an Albert Museum in London, Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, Mori Art Center in Tokyo and on the Swedish embassy in Berlin, to name a few.

"I really like to work with Skandiform because of the nice and very competent people. From product development, who makes my ideas even better, to production, distribution, marketing and sales. In other words, I feel completely secure when I hand over my little "babies" in the hands of Skandiform." /Jonas Lindvall

  • Bombito S-059Bombito S-059
  • Bombito T KS-179Bombito T KS-179
  • Oak S-050Oak S-050
  • Oak S-051Oak S-051
  • Lui F-210Lui F-210
  • Mama F-225Mama F-225
  • Papa F-275Papa F-275
  • Curl LB-673Curl LB-673
  • Oak HB-501Oak HB-501
  • Oak HB-505Oak HB-505
  • Papa LB-675Papa LB-675
  • Pater JLP-998Pater JLP-998

Mattias Ljunggren

Mattias Ljunggren

Mattias Ljunggren is an architect SIR/MSA. 

Mattias Ljunggren has been involved in artistic projects, exhibitions at galleries and museums, the interior design of private and public environments, and has also worked as a furniture designer.

Mattias is represented in museum collections at the National Museum, the Röhsska Museeum of Arts and Crafts, the Danish Museum of Decorative Art in Copenhagen and the Museum of Decorative Art and Design in Oslo.

Mattias has received numerous awards throughout the years like the "Excellent Swedish Design" award and "Golden chair" award in 2002 and 2005. The latest one for Skandiform's CORE chair.

"Skandiform represents security and trustworthiness." /Mattias Ljunggren


  • Core KS-145Core KS-145

Thomas Pedersen

Thomas Pedersen

Thomas Pedersen graduated from Aarhus School of Architecture in Denmark in 2002 and set up the SPARK design studio later the same year.

For some years he then worked as a designer, producer and shopkeeper before deciding in 2011 to devote himself wholeheartedly to his design activities. Thomas Pedersen’s designs display typically Danish characteristics, with a clear emphasis on simplicity. He combines classic organic lines with innovative ideas and details. Much of his fascination for furniture design derives from the fact that it is possible to build full-scale models of the concepts he has in his head. He is firmly convinced that it is only by doing this that it is possible to test the qualities of his products with his own body, to assess their durability and thus make certain that the results live up to expectations. Among Thomas’s role models in this context are Charles and Ray Eames, whose furniture design work was always dedicated to ergonomically and comfortably accommodating the human body.

Over the years Thomas Pedersen has won a number of awards for his designs. He is best known for his StingRay chair, which he designed as his graduation project in Aarhus.

“Skandiform is the first Swedish furniture producer I have worked with. The marriage of their characteristically simple lines and my own organic and ergonomic language of design creates furniture with a strong market appeal, not only in Scandinavia, but far beyond as well.” /Thomas Pedersen

  • Deli stack KS-160Deli stack KS-160
  • Deli KS-161Deli KS-161
  • Deli KS-162Deli KS-162
  • Deli KS-163Deli KS-163
  • Deli KS-164Deli KS-164
  • Deli basic KS-165Deli basic KS-165
  • Deli S-046Deli S-046
  • Deli S-056Deli S-056
  • Deli lounge F-260Deli lounge F-260
  • Deli lounge F-261Deli lounge F-261
  • Timeout S-010Timeout S-010
  • Timeout S-011Timeout S-011
  • Timeout S-012Timeout S-012
  • Timeout S-014Timeout S-014
  • Timeout KS-114Timeout KS-114

Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid arbeitet mit vielen der weltweit bekanntesten Marken in den Bereichen Möbel, Mode, Technik und Gastronomie – um nur einige zu nennen. Etwa 20 seiner Produkte sind in Dauerausstellungen in aller Welt sowie in unzähligen Galerien zu bewundern. Indem er in seinem Schaffen oft mit anderen Medien wie Musik, Kunst und Mode flirtet, erweitert er ständig seine eigenen sowie die Grenzen seiner Umgebung.

„Schönheit ist ein universell menschliches Bedürfnis und jedes Unternehmen sollte sein Bestes geben, in dieser Hinsicht das höchstmögliche Niveau zu halten. Schönheit bezieht sich aber nicht nur auf das Aussehen, sondern sie liegt auch im perfekten Zusammenspiel zwischen Materialwahl, Produktion, Identität, Wert und Bewusstsein.“

  • Phaze F-350, 351Phaze F-350, 351

Oliver Schick

Oliver Schick

Oliver Schick is a German Designer with a focus on furniture and lighting design. 

Oliver was born in Darmstadt, Germany in 1969. Having graduated in industrial design from the HBK Saar, he spent five years working for various design studios on a freelance basis. In 2005 he opened his own studio, where he designs products for various companies in the fields of furniture, lighting and interior architecture. In addition he works on a range of experimental projects with design-related themes such as materials, functions, usage and sustainable development.

"Skandiform has the skills to make modern, timeless and long lasting furniture with a typical Scandinavian sense of simplicity bringing things to the point. I feel honoured to work for them -but it is a great pleasure to be the first Non-Scandinavian in their list of well known designers." /Oliver Schick


  • Stripe F-262Stripe F-262

Henrik Schulz

Henrik Schulz

Henrik Schulz is an architect and designer educated at Chalmers University in Gothenburg, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School in Copenhagen and the Danish Design School. 

Previously, he has worked at designers like Jonas Lindvall in Malmoe and at Gert Wingårdh in Gothenburg. Since 2008, Henrik runs his own architect firm in Gothenburg where he also designs products for Ateljé Lyktan and Zero.

"Skandiform represents Scandinavian design where form and function are in symbiosis and the products are honest in their material and construction. Skandiform maintains the Scandinavian design tradition while they at the same time take it one step further by adding innovative solutions and new young designers." /Henrik Schulz

  • Sitter L F-265Sitter L F-265

Stone Designs

Stone Designs

For the past 15 years Cutu and Eva have been carrying out projects and creating products without imposing any limitations on their creativity, placing all their faith instead in an intuitive feeling for what is right. They draw their inspiration from travels to every corner of the world, as is evident from the duo's eclectic language of design.

An honest and passionate commitment has allowed them to remain faithful to their own identity, where what is natural and what is simple forms the nucleus of every new project, and where each new challenge is tackled with dedication and enthusiasm.

"The amazing experience of working with Skandiform it's just the result of the best team we've ever seen. Their commitment for the best quality and their sense of beauty, taking care of every small detail put Skandiform on a new level in terms of design. The Skandiform team make us feel as part of their family from the very beginning. With no doubt, they make us feel at home." /Stone Designs

+46 (0)44 855 50 info@skandiform.se

+46 (0)44 855 50 info@skandiform.se