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Autumn news 2022

Autumn news 2022

The 2022 Autumn Collection shows who we really are, representing our values, personality, and integrity, even when no one’s looking. This collection truly embodies the ideas and virtues of Scandinavian design, our craftsmanship, and sustainable manufacturing. It all comes down to showing strong character and giving unique characteristics to your spaces. Our new characters and updated classics allow you to be the main character of your story. Show it. Display it. Enjoy it with all your senses.

Central by bonpart
Central lives up to its name thanks to its unique characteristics. It’s always the centre of attention. Central isn’t only neat and tactful, but also stable and conspicuous, bridging the gap between a regular chair and a lounge chair. The simple and clean design allows it to stand out while blending in. Central’s beautiful upholstery, its attentive sewing details in the back, and the rectangular legs add structure and new dimensions to the shape. 

Roll by Louise Hederström
At a first glance, Roll looks like a traditional coat hanger, but there’s more to this character than meets the eye. There’s nothing ordinary about it. Roll is a coat hanger on wheels, shaped like a tree with its stem, crown, and roots. It’s inspired by the kingly giants of the forest, but also by a king on an entirely different stage. Louise Hederström, a designer based in Skåne, loves the king of rock ‘n’ roll, Elvis Presley. Roll doesn’t move like Elvis, but it can easily be moved from one space to another. 

Deli lounge by Thomas Pedersen
Deli, our award-winning chameleon, has always been on a borderline between an armchair and an easy-chair. It’s neither and both. Its expression is enhanced by a two-part design which enables unique colour combinations. Now, Thomas Pedersen’s renowned and characteristic design has evolved into yet another voluminous sibling, the swivelling version of Deli lounge. 

Tinnef by Charlotte von der Lancken
Since Tinnef saw the light of day, it has evolved into something even more sustainable. When launched, the Multicoloured and White marbled tabletops, set a new standard using recycled plastic from cosmetic bottles and yoghurt packages. The metamorphosis is still undergoing with our latest addition, Black coal, a distinct black coloured tabletop, interspersed with small islands of bright dots. It’s made of recycled plastic from old medical equipment such as packages, and food containers. 


News 2022

News 2022

The creative space. The efficient space. The harmonious space.

Our spring innovations see us forging ahead with our creation of spaces for movement and contemplation, creativity and rest. Sustainable, and timeless. Comfortable and functional. In all settings. Because new meeting places need new ideas, albeit in familiar form.

News 2022

Spino 90
by Stefan Borselius
At first it was softly winding. Then it became straight. Now it’s time for the sofa that doesn’t want to stand still to take the next step. With Spino 90° we have added completely new possibilities to the Spino sofa for meetings between people and for adapting to fit different spaces. Back to back. Eye to eye. 90 degrees or all the way round. Along a straight wall or standing alone. Everything is possible for this sofa without limits.

Primo lounge
by Stefan Borselius
With the same careful focus on detail as the other chairs and tables in the Primo family, this upholstered easy chair is a link between its predecessors with added comfort. Primo Lounge is equally attractive from all angles. Making a handsome statement, its high backrest will naturally draw the eye. And of course the aluminium frame is recycled.

Castors and attached table added to the Nestor
by Lars Hofsjö
With the addition of a swivelling table, Nestor is no longer just somewhere to sit – it’s also a place where you can work, have a coffee or take notes of a meeting. Quite simply, a stable friend you can rely on. It’s only been going a few years, but Nestor has already grown into a big family. Small and neat, the wheeled Nestor is keen to join its siblings with its spirited appearance and flexible functionality. Its lockable wheels means it can be moved forward, moved back, complement other items of furniture or stand alone. Having its very own light-hearted character is a bonus.

Allé corner
by Kauppi & Kauppi
Indoors becomes outdoors –  the playful Allé divider brings the natural world inside by enabling living plants to be displayed at different heights. Inspired by the avenues and willow-lined roads of southern Sweden, Allé can blend in or stand out in solitary splendour, create corners of greenery that frame the room, form long, repeated rows or create areas of green to catch the eye. It can act as a waymarker – or be an invitation to stop and take a coffee break beneath a green canopy. 


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+46 (0)44 855 50 info@skandiform.se