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Unmistakably Skandiform

Simplicity, beauty, playfulness, modularity, and sustainability are the cornerstones of the Skandiform 2023 spring collection. Our timelessly chic and infinitely practical newcomers and updated classics come together in a special collection of relaxed sophistication. It encourages creativity while offering both structure and flexibility to spaces where people meet. Brimming with elegant minimalism, this collection features modern lines, balanced colours, and fascinating materials which make it easy to put a long-lasting stamp on any room. A collection of products that are likable and a joy to use. A perfect blend that attracts all your senses. A sensation that cannot be mistaken for anything else – Skandiform.

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Alba chair/armchair/bar chair
by Claesson Koivisto Rune

The beauty lies in the simplicity Claesson Koivisto Rune, the acclaimed multidisciplinary agency from Sweden, has put its distinct mark on ALBA, a neat, upholstered chair, armchair, and bar stool characterised by simplicity, lightweight materials, and flexibility. A sense of elegant minimalism with organic and harmonious forms. It was designed to be affordable and easy to use in spaces where you need to maximise the number of chairs. The beauty lies in the simplicity, most noticeable when many people are using it, but also when they’re done using it. The lightweight design makes both cleaning and stacking easy. The unique armrests are made of wood fibre; a combination of pine fibre and PPC. ALBA is a beautiful friendship between aesthetics and functionality, a strong character that deals with different needs, rooms, and emotions.

Tinnef – coffee table
by Charlotte von der Lancken

From trash to table - Since Tinnef saw the light of day, it has evolved into something even more sustainable. When launched, the Multicoloured and White marbled tabletops, set a new standard using recycled plastic from cosmetic bottles and yoghurt packages. The metamorphosis is still undergoing with our latest addition, Black coal, a distinct black coloured tabletop, interspersed with small islands of bright dots. It’s made of recycled plastic from old medical equipment such as packages and food containers. Each Tinnef table with a plastic tabletop is one of a kind. The pattern is always unique. We’ve also added a large new coffee table to the range in two different heights. With Black coal, Charlotte von der Lancken has created a new life for plastic waste through colourful explosions, reminding us of the fragility of our planet.

Tinnef – café table
by Charlotte von der Lancken

A table for two and the future - Though Tinnef means rubbish in Yiddish, it’s the opposite of trash. It was designed by Charlotte von der Lancken at CVDLAB as a response to humanity's use of plastic containers. The unique tabletops Multicoloured, White marbled, and Black coal, are made of plastic waste such as cosmetic bottles, yoghurt packages, old medical packages, and food containers. It’s an explosion of colours, patterns, and hope for the future. The latest addition, a flexible café table for two, offers plenty of style and functionality with its modern design and specific patterns. Thanks to the unique pattern in the tabletop, the sleek metal frame, and the rectangular base, this new sibling adds a sense of sophistication and boldness to any space. Use it as a solitary or group multiple tables in a row to create a long table.

Canard chair
by Lars Hofsjö

The playful duckling - Canard is French for duck. It’s also the name of this neat and charismatic chair, our very own duckling, designed by Lars Hofsjö. The shape is in fact inspired by the remarkable agility and balance of a duck. Like a duck, Canard makes things effortless with its inexhaustible energy and playfulness. It moves quickly and gracefully in its natural habitat. The ash seating and back combined with the elegant metal frame seem to defy gravity, but Canard is both stable and comfortable. In addition, Canard is designed to be stacked and suspended. Canard is ideal for any setting where people meet and where you need to maximise your chairs, but also perfect for the moments when you’re not using it at all. Regardless of its personality, Canard is an inspiring being as well as an interesting focal point – by itself and in a flock.

Nestor High
by Lars Hofsjö

An exalted master of flexibility - Nestor is a versatile modular sofa that makes the most of your space. Its modular sections allow you to create endless combinations and easily rearrange Nestor in a variety of ways depending on different rooms, contexts, and needs. You can even place Nestor around corners and pillars. Use it as freestanding pouffes or a long sofa, or something in between. In addition, you can spice things up with different colours and fabrics on the seating and the back. It’s not only neat and compact, but also gracious and comfortable thanks to its nozag. Designer Lars Hofsjö has added even more flexibility to the mix with the new Nestor high. The new high backs provide privacy as well as comfort and can be used as straight back sections, double backs, or corner backs. Screen off people or embrace people. It’s up to you.


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+46 (0)44 855 50 info@skandiform.se

+46 (0)44 855 50 info@skandiform.se