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Best of NeoCon 2021

Best of NeoCon 2021

Tinnef table by Charlotte von der Lancken brought home three Best of NeoCon awards! Best of NeoCon is the official awards program honoring outstanding new products.

Tinnef is an award winner in the following categories:

  • Occasional Table Gold
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability.


Autumn news 2021

Autumn news 2021

Happy reunions and brand new friends – a colourful get-together this autumn. 

Both new acquaintances and cherished old friends are knocking on the door – our new autumn collection is now ready to be seen and wants to mingle. It will be an exciting gathering where togetherness is expressed in Scandinavian colours and soft, playful designs.

Innovation and tradition meet creativity in a cycle that never ends. And the meeting between sustainability, ergonomics and design allows you to both sit comfortably for ages and to mingle – just what’s needed for casual and convivial get-togethers.

Autumn news 2021!

D2 chair and armchair by Stefan Borselius
Nobody can fail to notice when two-part D2 is in the room. In recycled plastic and hemp, the airy design and natural feel of these chairs make them easy to spread out, stack up or hang over the edge of a table. They come made entirely of plastic, semi-upholstered or fully-upholstered in contrasting colours. With arm rests – or without. D2 is at ease in all situations, whether these involve loud conversations or meetings in silence.

Lola chair by Margot Barolo
Lola is the friend you can trust and the friend you can lean on. In a shape that is friendly to look at, this chair has a personality that is both inclusive and humorous. A complete character with its fine details, solid stitching and careful pleating. But also comfortable and easy-going. With different fabrics, colours and materials, Lola can be configured to be chameleon-like in a room – or take centre stage as a real head-turner.

Tinnef - New table tops by Charlotte von der Lancken

Once breakfast is over, the yoghurt pots are given a new lease of life and transformed into a unique, attention-seeking table top. The white table top has silvery foil details and a frame in classic ash or oak. Or you can have both the top and frame made out of wood.

Is it rubbish or is it material? Old or new? The answer is both – and together with its colourful cousins made from recycled plastic bottles, the Tinnef family becomes a natural talking point around the table.

Canard chair by Lars Hofsjö
Playful Canard lives up to its French name – just like a duck it looks as if it is challenging its sense of balance. But with an elegant metal frame and light ash seat, Canard is both stable and comfortable. Neat, stackable and suspendable, it looks good in any setting. In different colours or the same colour, Canard is a natural talking point. That’s when the chair itself isn’t doing all the talking.

Deep Forest ‒ 2 new patterns by Nina Jobs
The summer forest is now being joined by completely new tree tops on which to rest your gaze. A sparser winter forest? Or a slightly fuller spring forest? Or a mixture of both – as is usually the way. In the harmony of nature, voices are softened and with all the colours of the forest available, the background will be just as it should be – attractive without being obtrusive.



News 2021

News 2021

Siblings. Friends. Community. It’s spring time for these families.

Rolling wheels, soft shapes and playful, eye-catching style. In the new spring collection, it’s the small siblings and their friends who grab all the attention. Through family acquaintances in innovative new designs, we are continuing to create space for movement and reflection, creativity and pause. With the same focus on sustainable materials and ergonomic solutions, we are expanding our popular families with new additions. So that meetings can take place. Experiences can be shared. And being together is never further than a few steps away.

New products 2021!
Deli lounge/armchair - by Thomas Pedersen
Award-winning Deli is expanding – in depth, width, with new upholstery and in a new lounge style. It’s an armchair with laid-back self-confidence. The two-part design makes unique colour choices possible, the fully-upholstered back creates a feeling of whole and the soft shapes invite you to pause for a moment. Or a little longer.

Bolero ottoman - by Nina Jobs
An ottoman, a footstool, a small sibling who demands attention. Among the new additions to the Bolero sofa series, it’s the little piece with a totally unique look that stands out in a room. A little lighter, a little neater than its older siblings. A piece that can blend in with the others in the same colours and with the same frame. Or one that can stand out with playful contrasts.

Soft Top chair and bar stool on wheels - by Brad Ascalon
Stand, sit, roll forward and roll away. When Soft Top gets a set of wheels, creative meetings can gather pace. With its simple, unique design, Soft Top fits into most settings. With its flexible construction, it has a place anywhere that activity and movement are mixed with concentration and calm. In your home office in front of the screen. With colleagues at work. In the workshop where new ideas are waiting to emerge.

Isa ottoman- by Louise Hederström
Lowlands, hills and mountains. Isa bench follows the shifting shapes of nature in a room. Now it comes in a smaller format with this ottoman making an entrance with its neater style. Easy to move around. Easy to place. And with the same inviting attitude to spontaneous meetings and relaxed conversations as its larger partner with the same name.

Matsumoto laptop table
Say hello to the Matsumoto laptop table – the flexible waiter who always has a helpful surface close to hand. A new personality that is as easy to deal with as the rest of the family.



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+46 (0)44 855 50 info@skandiform.se